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Access and use of Mobile Player

After when you have enrolled in a conferenza tech course start your learning experience quick and easy.

Features of Mobile Player

1. Navigate through Curriculum

All the published lectures and curriculum items of a course are appear below the mobile player. You can quickly scroll through the course curriculum by scrolling down it and begin a lecture by clicking on it.

Downloadable resources that have been include in lectures can also be accessed in the course as well. You can download and watch this lectures online.

2. Accessing the course player setting

The Mobile Player includes various features. You can use to enhance your educational experience. These can be accessed by clicking on icons given on the screen.

3. Watch in fullscreen

If you wish to watch the video lecture in the fullscreen mode, you can do by clicking on fullscreen icon located in the middle-right side of the mobile player. And if you want to exit from the fullscreen mode, tap on the same icon to exit.

4. Adjust Video Quality

You can optimize video resolution based on your internet connection speed. The video quality can be adjusted at any time by clicking on ' ' menu icon (i.e., three dots which is on the top right side of the mobile screen) and select quality by selecting different resolution.

5. Adjusting Video Speed

You have the options to play your lectures at different speeds (0.75x, normal speed, 1.2x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x, 2.2x, & 2.5x)

To change the speed of particular lecture video, click on the ' ' menu icon (i.e., three dots which is on the top right side of the mobile screen) and select the speed you want.

6. Tag the video

If you want to tag a video stop the video at anytime, click on the icon given on the top-left side, enter tag name and save it by clicking on icon. Later you can watch videos on saved tags and can delete and edit these tags.

7. Report Videos

You can make and write report by clicking on icon on the top-right.